Graham Futerfas is a Los Angeles based DP, Camera Operator, and Gimbal Operator.

The Movi Pro is a revolutionary tool for moving the camera, and it opens up new creative possibilities for filmmakers. Graham fell in love with the Movi because of the freedom it offers to Directors, DP’s and Camera Operators, and because it makes easy work out of shots that used to be complicated or time consuming.

Some Productions prefer to work with larger cameras or have specialized needs, and Graham also has a Ronin 2 gimbal that can accommodate them.

Graham has over 20 years of filmmaking experience.  He started in the lighting department and worked his way up to Director of Photography, and has shot many commercials, features, and music videos.  He’s also worked as a camera operator, both on his own projects and for other DP’s, so he knows a lot about composition, camera movement, framing, and all of the technical aspects of modern camera systems.

Operating the Movi efficiently takes some experience, and understanding some of its quirks and settings is important.  Graham has a lot of experience managing all of the technical aspects of the Movi Pro:  Balancing the gimbal, tuning and adjusting the motors and sensors, operating precisely, and optimizing the ergonomics of a shot to get better results.

Graham is a member of IATSE Local 600, and is available for union and non-union work.

From a delicate camera move to a high-energy action shot, Graham knows how to help you get it done.