List of MoVI Pro Equipment I own:

Freefly MōVI Pro                              movipro_white
*for camera packages up to 15 lbs.
*fits RED, Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C300 Mk II, Sony FS7, and others

Freefly Mimic
*intuitive Pan, Tilt, and operational control of the MōVI

Ready Rig Gimbal Support Vest                        readyriggs          
*allows extended operating time without fatigue

Veracity Control Wheels                                  veracity-wheels-pic
*Geared Head remote control of Pan and Tilt, for precise camera moves

Bartech Digital Wireless Follow Focus                    bartech_iris_slider_handset

Paralinx Tomahawk Wireless Video           paralinx-tomahawk-1_2-sdi
*2000′ range, with two receivers

Cinema Vibration Isolators                           cvi-xl_isolator
*helps remove the vibration and bumps when mounted to moving vehicles

On-Board monitor and small handheld Director’s monitor

Cables, Plates, Batteries, Tools, Handles

Magliner Sr. Cart
*for moving quickly around locations

Freefly Catch and Release clamps
*allows rope-rigs and smooth switch from rope to handheld.